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Armando Petruzziello

When Northern Lights Development began building fine custom homes for the Greater Boston area, our goal was to deliver exceptional value and quality to our clients through a collaborative building effort. We focus on the relationship between the architect, builder, and client, ensuring that the final product exactly meets the needs of the client.

As one of the premier custom home builders in Eastern Massachusetts, Armando Petruzziello, Owner and President of Northern Lights Development constantly works to assure his homes are built with care, that the expectations of his customers become reality and that his follow through from plan initiation to move-in is seamless and unforgettable. Please contact us if you have any questions about Northern Lights Development.

Owner and President 


Northern Lights Development founder, Petruzziello, was featured on the Builder+Architect front page magazine. This magazine captures some of the most successful and business oriented developers in the New England region. It is with rest-assured that Northern Lights Development takes care of their clients and construction to form a unique blend of dreams becoming reality.

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